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☞ Let me help you bridge the gap strategically to reach your online goals in the next 30-90 days ☜
Let me show you what it takes to predictably grow your revenue, brand, increase conversions, traffic, AOV, and LTV online ☜
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"Ya Sal!! Such a great program!

- Christine Reffel

Running a boutique store is challenging in itself. Apart from the brick ‘n mortar store, you have to manage an ecommerce website, it's funnel and all of its processes and systems.

And that is where you can really get overwhelmed. The skills that got you success offline do not also guarantee success online. 

Watch the video to know what it will take to reach your immediate and long term goals ☞ ☞


You may have an online presence, but…

❌ Most of your sales come from your storefront or mobile boutique and you feel your business is not growing.

❌ Your boutique focuses on selling your products in your marketing instead of being more brand and customer focused. 

❌ Your website is not converting sales the way you'd like, doesn't have an effective and structured buyers journey in place and doesn't reflect how you want your boutique to be perceived by customers. 

❌ You are struggling to target and find more of your ideal customers to create predictable monthly revenue so you can scale.

❌ You do not have a total e-commerce funnel in place, know what it's different phases are, or feel your funnel needs some tweaking to increase conversion rates, average order value and extend the lifetime value of the customers from your boutique. 

Your brand voice is not unique to your boutique & consistent across all channels.

❌ You're tired of running ineffective online ads that burn money faster than they generate or want to increase your ctr's and conversion rates.

❌ You have no idea how to effectively use seo to generate targeted traffic from your ideal customer.

❌ You are struggling to navigate the "influencer marketing" world.

❌ People are buying once and never return, your current customers aren't buying as much or you're struggling to keep your pipeline full with new ready to buy customers to grow. 

​​❌ You are tired of hiring online marketers and agencies who don't truly understand your brand & products and your customer, but still decide to insist marketing tactics and strategies to you.

❌ You are struggling to find what are the next big steps you should be implementing immediately that will take your boutique to the next level.

❌ You feel overwhelmed about your online business and would like another eye on areas for improvement and clarity on the best path forward to your goals.


 All these require know-how and focus. You cannot afford constant trial and error. 

Being all over the place is NOT an option anymore.

This is why I created the Boutique Conversion 3-Week Program: The one and only place for the boutique store owner who wants a tried and tested method to grow their business online.

Introducing the Boutique Conversion 3-Week Program

The Boutique Conversion 3-Week Program is a unique program exclusively for boutiques and brick ‘n mortar store owners who want their brand to stand out and want to create a sustainable growth and a unique presence online.

 In the program we provide exclusive step-by-step modules, tools and know-how on how exactly to fill in the gaps and reach your boutique's business goals. 

Watch what our 3 week program is all about here 


By the end of the 3 weeks you will be able to

✅ Pinpoint exactly what you need to do to reach your immediate and long-term business goals.   

✅ Identify and target your ideal customer and understand what contributes to their buying decisions with similar boutiques and brands.

✅ Find out the best methods your boutique should use to get more online traffic to your store that actually converts, for your immediate and long term needs.

 Pinpoint the steps of creating a dependable e-commerce system and process that generates repeat buyers

✅ Understand how to navigate in the e-commerce world, stay update on effective trends and how to implement proven methods.

✅ Make better inventory decisions aligned with your brand, while implementing your strategies and analyzing data. 

 Know a reliable way to grow your online sales predictably and not have to rely only on your brick and mortar sales.

 Identify the best effective route for increasing conversions, traffic, AOV & LTV for your specific goals and needs.

 Get your time back by understanding key areas to focus on with your e-commerce business and receive actionable steps to improve upon your past, current e-commerce and brand investments.

✅ Know what it will take to reflect your true brand image and messaging on all channels for more conversions. 

 Receive an actionable strategy to implement for your boutique needs. 

 Effectively communicate your brands messaging on all mediums to improve conversions and for long-term growth.

You will also receive 1-on-1 call's with the creator of the 3 Week Program, me Sal J McClain, where I will guide you through the entire process and help you build everything out and be by your side as a resource.

Boutique Conversion
3-Week Program

  • Access to the modules 
  • Video material
  • Worksheets
  • Live calls with me (Sal) 
  • Access for the life of the program

" One of the best things I've done to grow my business was the 3 week program with Sal! I still work with his team and him and they are great, and I am growing!"

-Holly Fenoglio

" Sal and his team are wonderful to work with. The 3 week course was tailored to find out our exact brand, target market and what needed to grow our business. Sal goes above and beyond. We are so pleased with our results, Sal and his team is very detailed and ready to help you take your business to the next level."

-Lori Dickinson


" You and your dream team are truly a blessing to my life. Thank you so much.."

- Keiauna White

" If you are serious about being a boutique owner and its your passion then going through your three week course should be a mandatory thing."

- Genevieve Lyon

Don't believe me?

See what they say about the program...

Hi! I am Sal J McClain!

creator of the 3-Week Program, corporate digital analyst & founder of CNR Digital

You will be working directly with me and my team during this process.

Having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in understanding the ins and outs of marketing/branding/conversion rate optimization & e-commerce funnels, helping billion dollars corporations with their digital strategy and being an experienced e-commerce agency owner, I decided to take my knowledge and passion for fashion to help out boutique business owners exclusively. 

My affinity for boutique's and boutique shopping runs deep...  When I was in college I discovered my love for shopping at boutiques and only shopped at boutiques exclusively to ensure I was wearing rare and unique selected items, which why I have a such a passion for the boutique community and apparel and accessories industry.

I’ve created this one-on-one 3-week program where you will work directly with me to save you time and your businesses long term investment money, and to clearly understand what needs to be done to reach your online goals. Here you will learn how to increase your Conversion Rates on your website, extend your customer lifetime value, increase the Average Order Value of your online shop and keep the top of your e-commerce funnel full with your ideal customers. Understanding how that works will protect your business from “slower” periods, as well as give you the opportunity to scale predictably over time.

I want to be with you on your journey to impact your families and the community that supports you. We don't treat  our 3 week program customers as clients, instead we treat you like family and do everything we can to ensure your experience is memorable.

Schedule a free strategy session with me and let’s discuss your business goals for the next 30-90 days and how the 3 Week Program can help you fill in the gaps strategically to reach them.


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